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Zacha is Yenny's foul-mouthed, sarcastic, crude and rude "pet" iguana; she often serves as the unbridled inner voice of Yenny.


According to the "Art of Yenny" book, Zacha is "rude and sarcastic"; a big contrast to Yenny's "sweet and naive" personality.


In his younger days, Dave Alavrez was inspired by the witty but simplistic Garfield comics created by Jim Davis. Despite this love, he realized that the comic strip world had a noticeable lack of female characters withe strong personalities. It is from this realization that Zacha was born, which also led to the beginning of "Zacha and Anyelin"... The precursor to the Yenny comic series.

In "Zacha and Anyelin", Zacha was actually the main character while Ayelin took on the side role (like Jon takes on a side role for Garfield).

Zacha had many elements of Garfield: laziness, extreme gluttony and was the clear "owner" of the house that she lived in with Anyelin. Zacha still retains most of these elements, but has a more rounded personality in the current strips.


  • Though female, Zacha is often mistaken for male. Probably due to a lack of distinguishing feminine features other than long eyelashes.
  • She enjoys fireworks (lots and lots... seriously: DANGEROUS AMOUNTS of fireworks...), burping, sleeping and scaring the living bejeezus out of Yenny every morning with... imaginative... methods of waking her up.
  • Like Margot, Zacha will not hesitate to make fun of Yenny's thighs, huge feet or blatant lack of knowledge.
  • Zacha is very greedy and is always looking for ways to make money which, most of the time, gets Yenny in trouble.
  • Though she can be mean to Yenny, Zacha will occasionally say something very thoughtful and caring.
  • Like a lot of characters, Zacha loves to tickle Yenny; especially on her feet. She will usually do it whenever Yenny is in a vulnerable situation such as getting stuck in some place and cannot free herself, or when Yenny is asleep with her bare feet hanging off the edge of her bed. The fact that Yenny hates to be tickled so much is exactly why Zacha loves to do it.
  • Zacha tends to hangs out with Yenny's other pet "Buke" and will often times use Buke for tormenting Yenny or for hatching out mischievous schemes.
  • Zacha also associates with Polo, but only on rare occasions.