Yunny Lopez
Yunnissa Lopez by DaveAlvarez



Yunyssa "Yunny" Lopez is Yenny's mother, who has been legally separated from Yenny's father Rafael (Rafa) for many years. She has very light-colored skin and lavender-colored hair. She loves Yenny very much, sometimes to the point of being overprotective. In early strips, most of the time she's away on business trips. She tries to be the main influential figure in Yenny's life.


Yunny is the daughter of Abuela Yanny and the sister of Aunt Petra.

In her younger days, Yunny was a professional catwalk fashion model, and her manager was her former husband Rafa before their separation some time later. She still has pictures and clothes from those days that she occasionally gives to Yenny when she needs them.

Through out the series, Yunny was seen wearing business attire, but her career had remained unmentioned.

Currently, Yunny is a trainer for the local gym. It is possible she has this career due to some influence from her mother Yanny, who is very enthusiastic about physical fitness.


Yunny is kind and loving mother who raised Yenny and subsequently Yessy all by herself. She is also very physically fit and she likes cleaning her house.


  • In 2007 it was revealed that Yunny used to be a famous runway model supported by her then husband, Rafa. Even back then, huge feet were looked down upon, so Rafa always provided runway stages with "walls" on the sides that were high enough to hide just Yunny's feet as she walked.
  • The glass heels Yenny wears for her Carizzo Modeling school uniform are the same heels that Yunny wore when she was a famous model. Yunny gave her daughter these particular heels because they are required for her Carizzio Modeling school uniform and no other glass heels were big enough to fit her huge feet.
  • She has the lightest skin of any member of the Lopez family.
  • In the original digital comic series it was revealed that Yunny was actually some form of secret agent which lead to Yenny being captured and interrogated after being mistaken for her. Apart from a single panel or two no other information was expanded upon.