Shoe Size

Assumed to be the same size as yenny's. Possibly a little wider.

Place of Living

Original place unknown, currently lives with Margot


Safety Guard, Romancer, Model, Student at Carizzio Modeling school. (First Male Student)

Hair Color


Yenny's (former as of March 31, 2008) twin brother (now half-brother) and Yessy's half-brother, who makes semi-frequent appearances in the strip.

Yomar is, in essence, Yenny in male form with stunning looks to match. Yomar is Margot's boyfriend, despite her rivalry with with the similar-in-looks Yenny. In earlier strips he was living with their father and modeling agent, Rafa and had extended trips to France which is why he is very seldom seen by his family. A one point, he lived with the gorilla-like Kuka La Grande because she needed to be hidden from the police and he was broke and needed a place to stay. Plus, she offered to pay rent. Currently he lives with Margot randomly doing her bidding and kissing her out of the blue which totally entrances her in a romantic daze.

On the March 31, 2008 strip, it was revealed that Yomar may not be Yenny's twin brother, but actually her half brother. He is the son of Ms. Carizzio of Carizzio Modeling College after a very early encounter she had with with Rafa. It is unknown how or why Yunny never mentions that she didn't conceive Yomar nor why she accepts him as a son, unless she actually did know that Yomar was conceived by Ms. Carizzio at some point but failed to mention it.


  • Yomar is a very quiet man who rarely speaks. He usually responds with a "Yeah, wha'rever" leading Yenny to say that she has had "longer conversations with her hair dryer."
  • Yomar dresses in a metrosexual fashion with very tight fitting, or very revealing clothing for a man. This possibly done as a nod in the comic to his half sister, Yenny, who also wears very revealing clothing.


  • Yomar is the first male student at Carizzio Modeling College much to Yunissa and Margot's great dislike.
  • Like his father with Yunny, Yomar often cheats on Margot with other women.
  • Yomar has a hyper ticklish birthmark under his right arm and one in the middle of the big toe on his right foot
  • Yomar wasn't tickled in the comic, but it's assumed that he is very ticklish like the rest of his family. Evidence of this is that when Margot touched his birthmark once, he seemed uncomfortable.