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Sexy Tomato



Place of Living

Villa Los Kubos Beach


Student at Carizzio Modeling College, Yenny's Best Friend.

Tomashya "Tomato" Vega, is Yenny's very smart and (usually) very helpful best friend.

Like Yenny, she is a student at Carizzio Modeling College.


Tomato has beautiful dark Nubian skin, the body of a Greek goddess and a face worthy of a supermodel, though she usually hides it behind glasses. Her hair is usually either tightly braided or in dreadlocks, which she ties back in a ponytail, however, when she lets loose her hair and removes her glasses (or moves them fashionably to the tip of her nose), her beauty factor goes through the roof and she is then considered one of the most beautiful girls in the comic strip.

Occupation Edit

During her free time away from her studies at Carizzio, Tomato is usually creating very strange inventions. In the Yenny Lopez Comic series, Yenny had helped Tomato test some of her inventions with hilariously bizarre results.


Tomato's beauty has been the cause of major conflict between her and Yenny on occasion. This was the first time that Yenny and Tomato have had a dramatic upset in their friendship.

In the classic Yenny Comic series, Tomato was pregnant by her then boyfriend Millo.

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