Ticklish Birthmarks
Ticklish Birthmarks
Top left: Yenny. Top Right: Yunny. Bottom Left: Yessy. Bottom Right: Keyla


Highly Sensitive, Dark in color

Ticklish birthmarks are extremely sensitive areas that most members of Yenny's family have representing the location of the "most ticklish spot" on their bodies. Yenny has a birthmark on the sole of left foot right underneath her big toe. It is the most popular birthmark in the Yenny comic series and is prominently displayed in many strips, pin-ups, merchadise and reader fan art. Touching this peculiar brown mark on any Yenny family member by accident will make them laugh uncontrollably, while intentionally tickling it will bring them to euphoric insanity with humorous results. Only a few family members have more than one ticklish birthmark and it can be assumed that these extremely ticklish areas run only in Yunny's side of the family, as almost every family member has at least one.

Yenny's ticklish birthmark has often been used in gags that lead Yenny into hilarious situations and has also been the source of a few plots including the start of her "Foot Logo" story arc which occured from December 11, 2007 and came to a resolution in March 21, 2008 (immediatly starting the first parts of the Rafa and Ms. Carizzo Infidelity scandal and the discovery that Yomar was not actually Yenny's twin brother.)

Individuals with Ticklish BirthmarksEdit

Yenny: has two ticklish birthmarks. As mentioned above, one is located on the bottom of her left foot just below her big toe, and the other is located on a place that politely won't be mentioned, but is definitely an area that adult women are very familiar with...

Yunny: Has one ticklish birthmark located on the inner part of her left thigh.

Yanny: Upon close inspection of the April 2, 2006 comic where we see a much younger version of Yanny, it's possible she has a ticklish birthmark on the top of her right breast. But because she currently wears less revealing clothing it cannot be seen.

Yessy: Has a ticklish birthmark just below her belly button.

Yomar: has two ticklish birthmarks, one in the middle of the big toe on his right foot and one under his right arm (see August 15, 2007 comic strip). However, it is peculiar as to why he has ticklish birthmarks as it was revealed that he is was not born from Yunny, but from Ms. Carizzo due to Rafa's infidelity.

Keyla: has a ticklish birthmark directly in the middle of the sole of her left foot.


These birthmarks are so sensitive, that they can detect incoming tropical storms.

Yenny has frequently had the mark on her foot tickled, mostly by pedicurists who mistake it as "dirt".

Yunny loves to playfully tickle Yenny's foot birthmark and has been doing it occasionally since Yenny was a child.


Yunny mentioning the Ticklish Birthmarks. Comic Date: 01/15/2004


Tropical storm detection... While displaying famous birthmark...


Yenny being tickled on her birthmark with serious consequences for the pedicurist...