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Rafael Yandiel Lopez, better known as Rafa, is the son of Abuela Ana, the ex husband of Yunny and the father of Yenny, Yessy, and Yomar.


He is very muscular, has hair that is slightly darker than Yenny's, and has big feet as well.

Life Edit

Rafa and Yunny have been separated over a span of 20 years. Because of this, Yenny had bever known him for the majority of her life and Yunny made no mention of Rafa (possibly to protect Yenny from his disapponting behavior or because of Yunny's strong hatred for him).

Yenny first met him on the beach when they both noticed that have have similar features (same color of hair and very large feet), but at the time, he was pretending to be Margot's father ( at the time he was her mother's boyfriend). Soon after this encounter Yenny was introduced to her twin brother (who is currently revealed to be her half brother) Yomar.

Yenny  later learned that Yomar was doing so modeling work for an individual that she suspected to be her father, so after disguising herself to loo like Yomar, she when to the photoshoot where she confirmed that Rafa was indeed her father...

Around 2005 and 2006 Rafa came back to the Lopez family with what could be seen as a new dedication for Yunny and Yenny.  During his time back, he got Yunny pregnant with Yenny's youngest sibling Yessy.

All seemed to go well for the family until October 8, 2008 when Yunny caught him having another affair with one of the professors from Carrizio Modeling School. It is also around this point where we learn that Yomar is actually Yenny's half brother

Career and LifestyleEdit

He is a modeling agent/photographer, who has a large amount of knowledge when it comes to contracts. Like many of the Lopez family members, he enjoys physical training as can be seen by his very large, muscular body.

Rafa is a womanizer and has been through many affairs with various woman in the series. Because of this he is hardly ever mentioned and coincidentally his appearances in the series have been rare.


Rafa serves as one of the earliest introductions of real drama in the series which has affected both Yunny and Yenny. This was very unique in the early days of the series which were usually very cartoonish and light-hearted.

Like many of the Lopez family, Rafa is very ticklish in his armpits.

Rafa was very enthusiatic to help Yenny during her first foot modeling opportunity (for a logo that was in the shape of her left foot).  Unfortunately Yenny  had continuosly failed to take his advice in reading the modeling contract causing her to lose all the opportunity and profits to Margot.