Margot Sebazco
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Villa Los Kubos Heights


Rich girl, Model, Student at Carizzio Modeling College

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Margot Victoria Sebazco is Yenny's longtime rival/frenemy. She is catty, spoiled, stuck-up, and upper class in mind and body. Despite all this she is dating Yenny's half-brother Yomar.

Margot is the daughter of Atilano Sebazco III and Cecilia Sebazco and is the younger sister of Tatyana Sebazco. She currently lives in her family mansion overlooking Villa Los Kubos.

Margot, like Yenny and Tomato, is a student at Carizzio Modeling College.


Margot is naturally vain and tends to brag about her looks and tends to be very callous with Yenny; often teasing her and making her life miserable.


  • She loves to make fun of Yenny's huge feet and calls her "Fat Thighs" (Muslos Gordos), referring to Yenny's well-defined (and not actually fat) thighs. However in return, Yenny tends to make fun of Margot's very skinny body.
  • Though they are big-time rivals, they still manage to be friends on occasion, often acting almost like sisters.

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