Keyla profile


9'2" (Verified by Dave Alvarez)

Shoe Size

Possibly around size 23 and 25 (U.S. Mens)

Place of Residence

Mountain Village
Lives with Aunt Petra (her mother)


Volleyball Player
Farm girl

Hair Color


Keyla Alexandra Lopez is Yenny's extremely tall cousin who makes occasional appearances on the comic strip. She lives with her mother, Petra on a mountain farm on the island of Puerto Rico. Like Yenny, Keyla is a student at Carizzio Modeling College.


She has long, blonde hair and a very slender lengthy body. Being the tallest member of the Lopez family, she arguably has the largest pair of feet in the Lopez family in comparison to Yenny's (this can also be assumed from what can be seen in the comic strips). Like her cousin, she wears very revealing clothing and tends to go barefoot or with lace-up sandals in the majority of her appearances.


  • Like the rest of the Lopez family, she is very ticklish and has a hyper-ticklish birthmark in the arch of her left foot. She is also very ticklish on her belly button.
  • Speaking of her Belly Button, in one comic strip she is able to "speak" through it. How this is possible is unknown, but indeed matches the hilarious absurdity that frequents the Yenny Comic Series.
  • Humorously, she is so tall that her face is almost never seen in the syndicated strip, consistently being "cut off" at the top or sides of the comic panels. Her face has only been show twice in the entire series. This gag has also been included in the Yenny Lopez Reboot as well.