Kelso Profile


Between 5'9"-5'10"

Place of Living

Central Villa Los Kubos


Fry cook, Runs a Fritura Booth, works at Don Goyo's Lechonera.

Kelvin "Kelso" Soto, is a long time friend of Yenny, knowing her since childhood. He works for Don Goyo as a fry cook and has twice been Yenny's boyfriend. However, his uncontrollable urge to look at other women has caused rough spots with Yenny. Currently, his interest in Yenny from a relationship standpoint has lessened despite Yenny's own attempts to rekindle the relationship. Although still good friends, It is unknown whether Yenny and Kelso will have any further intimacy like they did in the earlier strips.

According to the "Art of Yenny" book Yenny still sees [Kelso] as a little boy...


  • In earlier strips, Kelso almost always goes shirtless, even at work. In current strips he wears shirts and jackets...
  • Like many other characters in the Yenny series...Kelso is ticklish. His main tickle spot is on his always exposed belly.
  • Kelso is incapable of controlling his urges with women... which winds up getting him in trouble...
  • Yenny has a counterproductive relationship with Kelso. She purposefully avoids a relationship with him, but will get very jealous when she see Kelso in a relationship with another woman and will make attempts to ruin these relationships. Yenny's usual relationship wrecking tactics include flaunting her beautiful body in front of Kelso to take advantage of his urges of looking at other women... which usually will get Kelso an slap to the face and a leaving, and angry girlfriend.