Yenny in trouble

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Torturing babysitters

Humorously called "The Ugly Baby", Cheecaca is a an infant with a face reminiscent of Elmer Fudd of the Looney Tunes cartoon series. He wears a long-sleeved T-shirt that has a "skull & crossbones" design. Yenny is his reluctant babysitter on occasion.

Every time Cheecaca makes an appearance, the theme from Psycho can be seen to be played in the panel.

His main purpose is to provide a comic foil to Yenny by finding various ways to torment her. 


In past comics, Yenny was his babysitter and on multiple occasions he has mercilessly tickled Yenny for whatever reason he wanted. Mostly for no reason other than to torment her which has become a popular running gag.

His favorite torture tool of choice is a red feather, of which he uses to great effect on Yenny's bare feet, which are also his favorite body part to tickle in general.

Cheecaca's facial expression is mostly in a blank stare, rarely showing any other signs of emotion. The only time this has changed was when he developed affection for Yessy, (mentioned in detail below.)

In the May 31, and June 4, 2007 strips, Cheecaca has displayed feelings of love towards Yessy, of which Yessy shared in return with a kiss on his nose. The thought of Yessy and Cheecaca being in a future relationship has of course, greatly disturbed Yenny. The relationship between them has yet to be fleshed out further in the series.

He thought Yomar was a girl and had him mistakenly abducted.

He has an "evil lair" where he imprisons people, complete with a trapdoor under the "welcome mat".

He was promised by Yenny that she would show up for a Thanksgiving dinner at his house in exchange for sharing with her the secret conversation that Kelso had with Margot. However, since Kelso came to her house for Thanksgiving dinner, she forgot all about the agreement, causing Cheecaca to become vengefully upset.

Both of his parents look exactly like him and share the same blank stare.

Cheecaca's name is similar to (and maybe in reference of) "Shikaka" the sacred white bat from the film "Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls"