Abuela Yanny
Abuela Yanny by dave alvarez edit by SWS 02



Shoe Size

Size 18 (Same as Yenny)

Hair Color

Pale Purple (was a darker purple in her younger years.)


Exercise enthusiast. Grandmother of Yenny, Yessy, and Keyla. Mother of Yunny and Aunt Petra.

Abuela Yanny is Yunny's and Petra's mother and Yenny's & Yessy's maternal grandmother. Not much is known about her due to very few appearances in the syndicated strip. Yanny is much more easygoing than the conservative Abuela Ana and has a well-developed dry sense of humor.


  • Yanny's age is unknown, however if the age range between her, her daughter, and her granddaughter is presumed to be Yenny's age of 22, and we presume that each mother had their baby at the age of 22, then an estimation can be made: If 22 years is added to Yenny's age of 22, that adds to 44, which could be presumed to be Yunny's age...if 22 years is added to Yunny's age of 44, then that adds to 66, which could be presumed to be Abuela Yanny's age.
  • Despite being significantly older than Yunny, Yanny's has a very young and very toned body, possibly due to having an interest in physical training like Yunny.
  • In the April 2, 2006 comic, we can see a possibly 44 year old Yanny (and a possibly 22 year old Yunny) in more revealing clothing. Upon closer inspection we can see that Yanny has a ticklish birthmark on the top of her right breast.
  • Yanny loves to work out and will not hesitate to have Yenny work out really hard with her.
  • Like her daughter Yunny, Yanny loves to tickle Yenny without warning.